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Founded by London clockmaker George Graham in 1695, often touted as the Father of modern watch-making. Born to innovate, Graham gave the world its first stopwatch, the mercury pendulum system, and the unique chronograph. After more than a century's hiatus, Graham watches was restarted by an independent watch company and now the brand manufactures its own watches. They have quirky designs and are big on details. Every watch has its own exclusive detail that you continue to discover over time. Straps, buckles, and dials are designed with a beautiful and original approach. The watches are designed in a manner that looks like a form of mechanical perfection and not just another Swiss watch. The watches can be described as confident, bold, independent, and extroverted. The materials and mechanisms are used in a unique and innovative manner while crafting each timepiece. Their iconic collection consists of many watches in Chronofighter, Swordfish, Superlight and Fortress. Here's another interesting detail: Every Graham watch comes with a warranty certificate in the form of a passport. This shows that the brand treats every watch as a unique individual with its own identity. Another characteristic displaying the individuality of the brand is the trigger around the crown. Specifically used by the bomber aircraft crews in the second world war, this trigger was used to time the raids and maintain the air formations of the squadrons. If you're looking for a unique timepiece with its own individuality, then Graham watches is decidedly the right choice for you.
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